Computer Repair

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PC Repair

We can solve just about any Windows 7, Vista and XP issue you may be having. Let our repair experts solve your issues right online in front of you. Our services are always guaranteed. Compare our prices with anyone and you will see for yourself the value we offer.

Virus Removal
  • FBI Money Pak
  • Search Hijack
  • Antispyware Soft
  • Antimalware Doctor
  • Security Tool Removal

Blue Screen Error

The worst part about getting constant Blue Screen Errors is how hard it can be for the end user to resolve. Most Blue screen issues are generic in nature and can mean a hundred different things.

Our remote computer repair techs are more then qualified to help you resolve blue screen issues.

You have two options. If you are ready to get your computer fixed then Get Started By Calling 866-659-5704. If you have any questions at all you can chat live with one of our U.S. based computer repair tech's on our home page HERE.

All work done on your computer is from our certified based computer repair technicians based out of California. Our team of computer repair and virus removal experts have years of experience and know what they are doing. Don't take our word on this.

Virus Removal

We can remote into your computer and 100% remove all viruses and spyware. Our service is guaranteed to fully remove all threats. Common threats we deal with daily are Virtumonde, Vundo, Smitfraud, Win XP antivirus 2008 and many other XP and Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 spyware and viruses suits.

Slow Computer
Over the course of time your computer will slow down. We can breathe new life into slow computers with our Online Computer Tune-up service. We will not only speed your computer up but also perform maintenance to stabilize your computer and accelerate your over all performance.

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