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This comprehensive cleaning includes all viruses, trojans, backdoor infections, spyware, adware, malware, browser and DNS hijackings. Virtumonde, Winfixer, Vista Spyware Removal. The works! For the price it can not be beat.

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Our PC Tune-Ups revitalize your PCs performance and stability. Our basic covers Hard Drive and Registry cleaning, Internet and Appearance optimization, Start-Up and System Configuration optimization and more...

remote computer repair

vista repair
We can solve just about any Vista and XP issue you may be having. Let our XP and Vista repair experts solve your issues right online in front of you. Our services are always guaranteed. Compare our prices with anyone and you will see for yourself the value we offer.

computer repair

Slow Computer? Time for a computer tune-up

We have helped to resolve thousands of computer related issues. We know many people out there have issues when it comes to printers. We can help install your printer and even remotely trouble shoot your printer to get it working again. We can even configure it for you in many cases. Many printer issues can be very hard for the average person to diagnose. The best part of this service is if we can not resolve your issue then you do not have to pay. That is what makes us the leader in remote computer repair. We have live techs standing by and ready to chat.

We can repair your issue right now online! Just create an account or chat live with an expert HERE.

Just one of the latest office related testimonials: "I am a computer repair expert. After spending over 3 hours on a clients system I just could not get office 2007 to work correctly. The client installed 2007 over office XP. Normally I can resolve most issues but after 3 hours of research and this job starting to loose me money due to the time it was taken I turned to In only 20 minutes the issue was resolved. I was stunned by the wealth of knowledge these guys have and will for sure use them again".

Jacob Erdei: Owner of Brain Box Computers

More Reason's to Choose Us

  • If we can not fix your computer you do not pay. Not even a diagnostic fee. How Cool is that!!
  • We charge by the service not the hour. You know exactly how much you will pay so you can make an informed decision
  • We have many testimonials. CLICK HERE to listen to what others have to say about us.
  • All of our tech's are industry certified
  • We have been around for years now repairing computers online and have the experience to fully resolve your issue. If your computer is infected or slow we are the one's who can get it going again and for a cheap price.


Recent Threats we have 100% Removed

Conficker: We have great experience at fully removing the Conficker Virus and patching systems so you do not get infected again

Vundo Removal: Over just the last few weeks we have been handling many cases of people being infected with Vundo. Vundo is very close and related to Virtumonde. Our Leading Vundo removal tech's Ryan and Jason are experts at removing this threat.

Smitfraud: Smitfraud is making a big comeback. Over the last few months we run into this guy a few times a day. We know how to safely remove this threat from your computer with out causing operating system issues. This guy can be very hard to remove so don't feel bad even if you are tech savvy and can not remove it yourself.

Virtumonde : Virtumonde is very hard to remove for the average person. We have been dealing with this for years and can 100% remove Virtumonde and all traces or you will not pay a cent.

Fake Security Software: We come across fake security products all the time. In almost all cases if you have a fake secuity product that just showed up one day that means you also have a virus. We can 100% remove all viruses and spyware from your computer

Hidden Root Kits: With viruse getting smart and smart they now come with hidden root kits which make it hard for almost any security product to remove. We can fully remove any hidden root kit and reslove your issues right online.


Affordable Online Computer Repair with a NO Fix NO Fee policy

remote computer repair
Slow Computer

Is your computer not as fast as it used to be? We hear this all the time and have a perfect solution for you.

Our Advance Computer Tune-Up can speed up your computer in no time at all. We repair your Registry damage and ensure you don't have any viruses on your computer. Not only that we will optimize your computer to make it as fast as it can be. Chat live with one of our techs to learn more about this service..

Blue Screens
Are you getting constant blue screens or programs locking up on you? Your not alone. One of the biggest issues we resolve all the time are XP and Vista related blue screens and programs not working the way they should. We are experts in resolving issues like these and can get you taken care of right now! No waiting days for a computer repair tech or paying those super high prices.

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